My Tips to be a Solo Traveler

Most of the time you are left with no option but to travel solo. Getting people to joint you is not easy, believe me...so here are a few tips if you decided to go solo:-

1. Decide your destination- make sure the place you are planning to go is safe and reachable by any mean.  

2. Decide your travelling date and period of stay- this is very important especially to those employed, if you are self employed, it will be easier. Best is to apply annual leave once you have decided. Also, certain date may give a big impact to your budget. Flight ticket and hotel/hostel will be very expensive during public holiday/school holiday. 

3. Determine your budget- since you are travelling alone, overspending mean you are going to burden your friends/family back at home. The best is to have almost similar amount of saving as per what you budgeted to bring, for example, if your budgeted amount to spend at the location is RM500, make sure to have ANOTHER RM500 minimum of saving for emergency case.

4. Plan your route, and how to reach each of the destination- you may plan to go a few places after touch down at the airport. Make sure to study properly so that you will not spend much time at the location wandering around to know where and how to go to your destination. But, it is good to ask local people for verification because what you read may not be accurate. I did faced this a few times during my trip. The best reference is tripadvisor, www.tripadvisor.com where you can easily get the information required, just click the search button and key in what you want to look for.

5. Start browsing for the cheapest flight ticket and accommodation (hotel/hostel)- unless if you don't mind with the budget. Remember! what you expect to spend may not be the same, most of the time, it will be more, so please make sure to have enough saving as a back up plan (refer to my explanation at point no. 3). I strongly suggest you to familiarize yourself with website such as www.skyscanner.com and www.traveloka.com to "scan" flight ticket and hotel fare. These are the 2 website that I normally used other than www.agoda.com. Comparing price between a few websites is good. But do look at the website belong to the airlines or hotel/hostel, since there is a possibility for you to get better discount when booking direct with them.

4. Plan what to bring- which is very VERY important especially when you are flying with low cost airlines as most of them allow you to bring 7 kg the most for cabin baggage (depending on what airlines that you are flying with, some are even stingy, cabin baggage is NOT for free, so check properly when booking your ticket), unless if you don't mind to spend more by buying extra weight or might as well you fly with full service airlines. Also, remember to check whether the foods/drinks available at the location is suitable for you, especially if you are Muslim. Do check on the availability of halal foods, alternatively you may need to bring yours which may affect the overall weight of your luggage. 

5. Buy travel insurance- There are things happen unexpected, you may fit physically, but when it comes to disease, your fitness will not help, or when it comes to accident, nothing can prevent that. REMEMBER! Medication cost or seeking treatment for your sickness may NOT CHEAP at the country you are going to visit. You may only pay RM1 here in Malaysia to get medicine, but you will not get that privileges oversea. That is where travel insurance play their role. I strongly suggest  AXA. You can just simply buy online at their website www.axa.com.my/travel-insurance

6. Update your family & friends- the easiest way is to post in your social media such as facebook and instagram and to keep updating them on your activity at the location. Some people may think that you are trying to show off, but as a solo traveller, this is a way for us to tell our family and friends that we are doing well and safe. 

Different people may have different opinion, feel free to comment yours if there is any important fact to be added so that our friends out there can benefit from it. 

Happy travelling and do not afraid to go solo ☺☺