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My Tips to be a Solo Traveler

Most of the time you are left with no option but to travel solo. Getting people to joint you is not easy, believe here are a few tips if you decided to go solo:-

1. Decide your destination- make sure the place you are planning to go is safe and reachable by any mean.  
2. Decide your travelling date and period of stay- this is very important especially to those employed, if you are self employed, it will be easier. Best is to apply annual leave once you have decided. Also, certain date may give a big impact to your budget. Flight ticket and hotel/hostel will be very expensive during public holiday/school holiday. 
3. Determine your budget- since you are travelling alone, overspending mean you are going to burden your friends/family back at home. The best is to have almost similar amount of saving as per what you budgeted to bring, for example, if your budgeted amount to spend at the location is RM500, make sure to have ANOTHER RM500 minimum of saving for emergency case.
4. Plan yo…

Medan, Indonesia...Solo and Short Trip...

"Hidup suatu pengembaraan, mana kan pernah pengembaraan itu terhenti, sedangkan hidup masih berjalan"

Medan, that never cross into my mind to be visited..but all went out of sudden and the trip was planned in a short period of confirmed! Flying to Kualanamu Medan from KLIA2 on 15th Jul 2017, and coming back to KLIA2 on the next day..Whattttt? I think you all must be thinking that I'm crazy...Well, to be honest, I have the same thought too at the beginning, but after I finalized the itinerary, yeahhh, i think everything is possible, so long you have the gut to do it..
14 July 2017- Disebabkan tiket flight ke Medan Kualanamu jam 7.35am@15 Jul 2017, abam decided untuk stay overnight di KLIA2, tapi kali ni bukan lah sebagai gelandangan..kebiasaannya abam selamba je tido merempat kat mana2 sudut yg mampu menyumbatkan badan abam ni, tapi kali ni hati teringin nak merasa Capsule Container Hotel yg selalu dicanang2kan oleh travellers..rezeki abam, seha…